Not Really Opposites

Not really opposites:

  • Faith and doubt
  • Success and failure
  • Suffering and joy
  • Love and hate
  • Mature and childlike
  • Science and faith
  • Together and alone
  • Weak and strong
  • Poor and content


4 thoughts on “Not Really Opposites

  1. I think all these things are unified and their tensions resolved in Christ according to the definitive plan of God (Ephesians 1:7-12). Of course, we may have to adjust the terminology a little bit. E.g. faith is towards God/Christ but doubt should be mostly towards ourselves. Of course, we do have doubts about God and we do have too much faith towards ourselves from time to time. Christ’s success comes through His “failure” (humiliation in life and death in the tomb) and we can say the same not just for Christ but for many saints (i.e. Christians) who have lived throughout the history of the Church. Since everything is unified in Christ, our failures can be transformed by the Gospel (for we learn from them) and our hurts can be transformed by His Gospel into victory and a blessings to many other who have gone through similar things. Other than Ephesians 1, Paul have said much more on this theme for his theology of the cross, the Gospel revealed to him, has changed his perspective of himself, others, and this world. Christ is so good and so great that I can’t help but to talk about Him.

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