The Hardest Part

Folks, I’m heading off to India today for a 10-day mission trip.

People have been praying for me for this trip and I really thank them for it. And I’ve also worked a lot of sleepless nights preparing for this trip because I have to teach several workshops and preach 1.5 sermons there. And I’m thankful for the generous donations that brothers and sisters have poured in to allow this trip to happen, not to mention their encouragements for me.

But there’s sometimes too much focus on this trip. In fact, I think going to India for mission trip is not a hard thing. In fact, compared to the rest of life, this India mission trip is an easy thing.

The hardest part is actually lived out in the daily Christian walk. It is to be motivated to love when there’s no reason or urgency to love. It’s to speak the truth when truth seems to hurt or to offend. It’s to live with compassion and patience with brothers and sisters and family.

Sometimes going into extended ministry can almost be an “escape.” I don’t want it to be an “escape” for me. I know God will do great things ahead of us in India. But I also look forward to living life daily for Him because that’s where the hard part is.

Thanks to all and I’ll be back in less than 2 weeks!


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