Are There Christian Songs About The Workplace?

My church is beginning a new sermon series on Christian Living and this Sunday the topic is “Christians in the Workplace.” Since I’m the worship leader, I’ve been trying to find songs to sing about the workplace, and then it dawned on me: I couldn’t find any Christian songs about the workplace! I mean I have > 10000 songs in my repository, and not one Christian song is about the workplace. Where are the Christian songs about the workplace?

I’ve actually given a talk to the students group about the workplace before, and my theology is that going to the workplace is as much a “mission” as being a pastor or a missionary. In fact, churches should not just pray for and send people out to go on mission trips; churches should also pray over people and send them out to the workplace as a sacred, God-given mission-oriented thing. Churches should not just have people giving testimonies about how they came to Christ or how God answered prayers, but also testimonies about how they can remain faithful in the workplace despite worldly pressures and temptations. But this is sadly missing.

And now I’m even more bummed because I couldn’t find any songs about the workplace! One song remotely related to that is “Busy Man” by Steven Curtis Chapman, but that almost casts working in the workplace in a negative light because it tells you not to be busy with the world. Yes, it’s good to remind people not to be a workaholic, but are there any songs coming from this in a positive way, asking people to shine their lights on the world through their daily work?

Anyone know of such songs?