Xanga Featured Question: Should Homeschooling Be Illegal?

If homeschooling were illegal, what would have happened to these famous people throughout history who were homeschooled as children?

It’s no wonder that homeschooled kids usually have a greater motivation and excitement to learn, not just academically but in all areas/matters of life. Homeschoolers learn at their own pace, with learning tailored to their unique personalities, and in less stressful situations. All studies point toward homeschoolers having superior academic results.

It’s no wonder that homeschooled kids actually have a more healthy social life, because they are less clique-y, develop less racial discrimantion, and become more empathatic people. It’s a myth that homeschoolers are trapped at home all the time. You can read more in the book The Well-Adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of Homeschooling.

I also heartily recommend the book The Little Book Of Big Reasons To Homeschool.

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