Our Second Child Says: “Hello, World!”

“Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward” (Psalm 127:3)

The secret is out. The news is announced. Yes, Wendy and I are pregnant with our second child. And he/she would like to say “Hello, world!” to all of you through his/her first ultrasound, which is his/her first portal to the outside world:

Don’t worry if you just see a jumble of an image above… our second child is measured at 2.5 cm long today. That means my big toe is almost twice as long as he/she is right now. Yes, that’s how tiny our little one is right now.

Wendy and I had been praying for a second child. God has been gracious to us and we trust that His timing is right in gifting us with this second child. Still, we’re excited, worried, scared, and also felt prepared and unprepared at the same time for this kid. For sure we’ll have lots of things to look forward to. The child’s due date is expected to be November 10, 2008.

What about Chase? A couple weeks ago I asked Chase about having a second child. Here’s how our conversation went (original Chinese conversation on the left, English translation on the right):

Chase (自言自語):姐姐哥哥姐姐哥哥姐姐哥哥……
Chase:Eh…… 公仔!

Chase (mumbling to himself): Big sister, big brother, big sister, big brother, ……
Tim: Hey Chase, will you be a big sister or a big brother?
Chase: Big sister Chase!
Tim: Ai-ya! Chase will be a big brother! So do you want a little sister or little brother?
Chase: Little brother
Tim: Do you want a little brother or little sister?
Chase: Little sister
Tim: So what do you want?
Chase: Umm…… A doll!

Perhaps Chase is right. Our second one will be a doll (in the slang sense of the word)!

Chase’s Ultrasound at 13 Weeks…


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  1. So exciting….Just click into your xanga through the facebook and see this wonderful post….

    Really happy to know that you have your second one coming up….hehe ^0^

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