My Proposal Story (我的求婚故事)

Recently I got to listen to the Cantonese Christian PP959‘s podcast on marriage proposals (yes, I’m a bit behind on my podcasts), and I thought it might be nice to share my marriage proposal story here, since it’s a slightly interesting marriage proposal story, and probably most of my current blog readers have not heard of this story.

Back then, Wendy and I had been dating for two and a half years, and we’ve talked about getting married, and we had even sought someone to counsel us on what engagement/marriage should mean. So at that time Wendy was expecting a marriage proposal from me anytime. She was planning that, when I do propose to her, she would scare me and tease me by saying no and making me jump through hoops to get a yes from her. Of course I had other plans.

On the day that I planned to propose to Wendy, I schemed a plan with a good friend of Wendy’s. I wore my best suit and bought a dozen roses. Then I went to Wendy’s friend’s place and swapped cars with her. And around 7:00pm-ish, I drove the car to the side of highway 237 near the Great America Parkway exit and parked the car there. It was near where Wendy lived at the time. Then I asked Wendy’s friend to call Wendy. So she called Wendy up and said, “Help! My car broke down on the side of the highway! Please come and rescue me!”

Wendy was surprised, and being the super-nice person that she was, she dropped everything she was doing, didn’t even change into street clothes, and immediately jumped into her car and drove to the side of highway 237 thinking she’s rescuing her friend. As soon as she parked her car, I sprang out of the vehicle with roses in one hand and a ring on my other hand. I walked up to Wendy’s car and sat beside her. Wendy was really taken by surprise. I asked her to marry me, and even before I could finish what I was saying, Wendy hurriedly replied, “Yes! Yes! … Now can we go home?” Later on we went to her house. She changed into nice clothes and we went out and had a nice dinner to celebrate.

Those were very nice memories… I wish I could maintain my romantic streak but I guess I’m not as creative and romantic these days… but every time I think back on those times, I think it’s just a beginning. I really should work hard every day to make Wendy happy and make Wendy complete.

PP959: 求婚大作戰


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