“Move Over!” (行開!)

Sometime ago we taught Chase to say “Please!” and “Thank You!”, you know, manners. But after a while, he stopped having good manners. Not only that, sometimes when I’m sitting on the couch or a chair and if he wants to sit at the same place, he’d rudely tell me to “move over!” (行開!).

Naturally, I thought, “How rude is that? From whom did you learn to say this?” Surely, we couldn’t have taught him to say that.

Well, last Friday, when I went home from work, I saw the dog lying in front of me and in my path, so I said to the dog, “Move over!” And, yes, I caught myself saying that. I told Wendy about that. Then, just the next day, she caught herself unconsciously saying “Move over!” to me and then “Move over!” to Chase a couple days later.

The lesson? You can’t blame anyone else but yourself. A child will inevitably learn from his/her parents.

Hypocrite In The Making