Something is weird with me these days… sometimes when I drove my car and nearly avoided an accident, my first was, if I were to die, I wouldn’t be able to lead worship on Sunday or teach the Sunday School on worship in June…

So as you can tell, I’m really eager about this upcoming Sunday School in June. For those of you GNCCers, I invite you to join my class. For those of you who aren’t, or who somehow will miss my class, I’ll actually be posting my slides and any supplemental material here every week. In addition, I’ve set up a new blog called “The Worshipaholic” at http://worshipaholic.blogspot.com/ with a daily quote or thought about worship, which I’ll keep up-to-date at least throughout June 2008. The outline for the Sunday school is as follows, with one topic progressively building on top of another:

  • 6/1 – God: The Author Of Worship (神就是敬拜的設立者)
  • 6/8 – Heart of the Worshiper: Biblical Models (從聖經看敬拜者的心)
  • 6/15 – Worship in Community: Roles & Expectations (集體敬拜的角色及期望)
  • 6/22 – Battlefronts of Worship (敬拜裡的爭戰)
  • 6/29 – Worship is an Instinct (敬拜 是一種本能)

Hope you can be there at 11:00am on Sundays. And don’t forget to head over to http://worshipaholic.blogspot.com/ and bookmark or RSS feed it!