It’s Finally Over!

Whew… I’ve finally finished teaching the five sessions of the GNCC sunday school class in June on the topic of worship… it was quite a trip… for the past two months, I spent day and night reading books and thinking about what to teach in the class. In the process I read through at least 4 books word for word, scanned through 6 other books, spent lots of time searching through, researching Hebrew and Greek word meanings with a Strong’s concordance, and doing lots and lots of writing… but in the end it was a very fruitful experience. Looking back I personally definitely learned way more about worship than I ever did before I started this whole thing, and I think I’ve at least inspired a few of my students to grasp the seriousness and the wonder of worship.

There was one YouTube video that I showed yesterday during the last class, under the sub-topic “Easy Worship?” I hope you will appreciate this too:


For those interested in my class slides, you’ll find them on my slideshare. Also, I’ve written the last entry to as part of the daily worship practice, consisting of inspiring quotes from books and articles I’ve read about worship. You can peruse the archive of all the messages on worshipaholic from June 2008.

Next month (i.e. tomorrow) I will resume writing on xanga much more frequently. Stay tuned!