Oh Boy

The 20-week ultrasound results are in… we are now expecting a baby boy to be born around Nov 10 this year! The gender of the baby had been a hot topic for us because, having had Chase as our firstborn, and with Wendy having more trouble with this second pregnancy, we sort of hoped this would be a girl, even though we both sort of said to each other, “It’s okay whether it’s boy or girl…”

When the ultrasound showed that the baby’s a boy, we both went: “oh really…” But it is great to know (and that’s why both Wendy and I insist to know early) what the gender of the baby is. Actually, after knowing that Wendy got pregnant, in my mind I always pictured two boys running around in the house. I guess because I grew up with just me and my younger brother, I couldn’t picture siblings any other way in my imagination. And having seen how Chase grew up and understanding the nuisances of the boy mentality, we have so much more confidence to welcome another boy in our family.

Chase is fully aware that a baby is growing inside Wendy’s tummy. When he accidentally bumped into Wendy’s stomach, he would say, “Sorry mama, sorry baby.” One time we asked him to speak to the baby. We told him to say hello to the baby. And he cracked us up, in the style of the waitresses in the nearby restaurant, by saying, “Hello, 幾位?”

I’m working hard to come up with a name for our baby. In the meantime, we will exclaim in excitement and anticipation for him to come into our lives, with an enthusiastic: “Oh boy!”

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