Fourth Of July Weekend

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Our 4th of the July weekend started on July 3rd when we went to the SF Giants game and watched All-Star pitcher Tim Lincecum pitch a beautiful game… and Chase managed to stay awake the whole game and really enjoyed it!      
     We actually didn’t plan this ahead… I just announced to Wendy 5 hours before the game that I wanted to go… so I left work early and we just all got there and we had a great time 
The next morning we drove all the way up to the small town of Moraga (north of Berkeley, not quite Walnut Creek) and we saw a small 4th of July dog parade      
     They had crafts for the kids so we helped Chase put together a visor 
Chase learning to use the glue himself… sticky!      
     Then we discovered there was an Independence Day parade in the nearby town Orinda and we joined the fun 
Parade scene      
     This is the obligatory “I was there” photo (any idea how long it took for me to get this shot?) 
Fellow parade watchers      
     More parade scene 
Chase “interacting” with the dogs from one of the parade groups      
     Later we went to the nearby fairgrounds for more 4th of July festivities and fun, including a petting zoo 
Chase picked up an American flag off the grass and kept calling it a “kite”      
     He looked seriously in thought looking at the American flag… is it so intriguing?