Beijing Olympics: Who’s Embarrassed?

When Chase was a little baby, one time a teenage girl wanted to hold Chase. It happened that this girl had never held a baby before in her life. So it was supposed to be a wonderful moment for her. But her mother stood next to her and kept saying to her: “Ai-ya, be careful la, don’t drop the baby ah, look you have to hold his neck ga” and on and on and on. I thought to myself, “Wow her mother is really ruining this experience for her.” I would have said something like, “Honey how does it feel to hold a little baby in your arms? Isn’t it wonderful?”

But that’s what happened when some people heard about Olympics in China. Days before the opening ceremony, I’ve heard quite a few people say: “I just hope that they won’t embarrass us Chinese people in front of the whole world.” I couldn’t understand why they want to think this way. I thought it’s a wonderful thing. And after I got to watch the opening ceremony, I was really impressed at how we’re able to present the Chinese culture to the rest of the world.

However, if we want to speak of embarrassment, this will only be an opportunity for the rest of the world to show their ignorance about Chinese culture. If anyone would be embarrassed, it’s those who show their ignorance who should be embarrassed.


2 thoughts on “Beijing Olympics: Who’s Embarrassed?

  1. I agree.  It was absolutely breath taking with some of the scenes in the opening ceremony and I was never as proud to be Chinese.  I was once again reminded how beautiful our traditional culture is.

    It’s just irritating whenever I hear about the US Media commentating on this event, commenting on all the negative stuff that the Chinese government does.  I guess it’s really hard for them to take that Chinese might become the new medal powerhouse?  Is a sour grape so hard to take?

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