Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening

Yesterday I had to wake up early for a 7:00am meeting at work. It was yet another meeting when we had people call in from different locales. But yesterday’s meeting was a little crazier. While some of us were gathered in California at 7:00am, a couple of guys called in from the East Coast and their local time was 10:00am, another guy called in from UK and his local time was 3:00pm, and a few guys called in from India and their local time was 7:30pm. It was truly a “good morning, good afternoon, and good evening” meeting.

When I started working in the industry 15 years ago, outsourcing was probably a pretty bad word in the US. In my first jobs, I had to work with people from different timezones within the US, but I never had to work with people in different countries. It was almost unthinkable for me.

But in one of my jobs, we merged with a company in UK. We started having video conferencing with them on a regular basis. And in subsequent jobs I had more and more chance reaching out across the world to various people. At my current company, in the past 3 years I’ve worked regularly and occasionally with people located all over the world, including Israel, India, UK, Vietnam, Norway, etc. It’s almost maddening how global the workplace is.

BTW, yesterday’s meeting was basically a training session that was 3.5 hours long. The East Coast and the UK guys had to leave early for lunch and dinner respectively, and by the time the meeting was over, the Indian guys were fighting to stay awake, and my stomach was growling for food…


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