Funny Conversation With Chase #245

There have been too many funny conversations with Chase, almost always a camcorder isn’t handy (or it isn’t realistic to shoot a conversation), and most often I forget soon afterwards. But Chase has been very talkative and has matured a lot lately. We had a short and funny conversation earlier tonight, and I happen to remember it this time, so I’d like to share this little thing with you:

Chase (feeling my face with his hands): 「咩 Lei 架?」 (“What’s this?”)
Me: 「爹爹 D 鬚 lor」 (“That’s just my facial hair”)
Chase: 「我要鬚!」 (“I want facial hair!”)
Me: 「你大個就有 la」 (“You’ll have it when you grow older”)
Chase: 「要媽媽買 bei 你!」 (“I want mommy to buy it for you!”) (Note: when Chase says “you”, he really means “me” — he hasn’t figured out the proper use of pronouns yet)
Me: 「冇得買 ga bor」 (“You can’t buy that”)
Chase: 「我要媽媽買 bei 你!我要媽媽買 bei 你!」 (“I want mommy to buy it! I want mommy to buy it!”)

The End.

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