What Is “Prop 8”?

On Sunday afternoon, I was at a Prop 8 rally and we’re holding up “Yes on 8” signs. Marshall, a student who attends my church, asked me, “Do people know what Prop 8 is?” My answer at that time was: “Of course! It’s the most talked about issue in California! How can they not know?”

But then after I thought about it some more, I’m not so sure about it anymore. Although Prop 8 is very simply worded as “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California,” somehow the Attorney General decided to reword it as “Eliminates right of same-sex couples to marry” on the official ballot. Depending on which version you read, you might get a very different sentiment about it. Suddenly, a simple question of “Do people know what Prop 8 is?” does not seem so simple to answer anymore.

Alas, I’m glad I found an excellent YouTube video describing Prop 8. I think this is the best video on Prop 8 so far. Clocking in at 4 minutes, it’s relatively long, but marriage and homosexuality are both complex issues, so it’s deserved. It’s much better than over-simplifying the issue with 30-minute TV sound bites from both camps. Anyway, here it is:

After viewing the video, the first thing I thought of were the homosexual friends and relatives I know. And now I’m really imagining having BBQ with them… or maybe Chinese hotpot!

(BTW, there’s one fact that’s incorrect in the video. As of a week ago, Connecticut is now the third state that has legalized same-sex marriage. This probably happened after the video was made.)

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