Today I took some time off work and Wendy and I went to see the movie “Fireproof” at Union City Century 25.

And… wow! I was not prepared to cry so much watching a movie!

It’s a story about a fireman and his wife who are on the verge of divorce. At the same time, the husband’s dad dared his son to delay their divorce and to follow a love journal for 40 days.

There are really two love stories in this movie. The first story is obviously the one between the husband and the wife. The second story is between Christ and us.

There were two scenes that were tear-jerking for me. I could hold it in the first scene. But in the second scene, tears were streaming down my face. I looked at Wendy and she’s crying also. And I had to try hard not to cry aloud. It was very touching.

The plot line is great, and the presentation of the gospel was very very clear. The only flaw of this movie is that I hope that they had picked a lead actress with better acting skills.

I’m so glad that this explicitly Christian movie is actually shown in theaters. And it does not have any of that “cheesiness” that are (unfortunately) found in many Christian movies. It might not be shown in theaters for too much longer. So catch it ASAP if you can and support it! I highly recommend it!


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