River Chan Is Here

River Chan is here! River was born at 5:33pm on Nov 7, 2008 in Fremont, CA, weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz and measuring 20 inches long. The nurses said the name “River” is fitting for him — he pee-pee’d four times within 15 minutes of birth, and he lets out a cry even before his body was out, meaning he has strong lungs. Here he is (click to see the album in Facebook):

The gynecologist praised Wendy for being in total control throughout the labor process. No pain medication was used, and we were all surprised that she did not exhibit any irritable labor symptoms and she zipped right through the transitional labor stage.

If anyone warrants the label “Godsend” it has to be Grace Lam, our helper for the past month or so, who not only cooked for us and took care of Chase, but helped Chase grow up quickly and even turned us into better parents. She offered many godly words of wisdom and encouragements for us, and of course gave us a lot of delicious nutritious meals every weekday!

And of course the biggest drama was how our 2-year-and-almost-9-months-old son Chase takes to having a new baby brother. Without a doubt, Chase has a favorable attitude toward baby River, but at first, it was still an overwhelming proposition for Chase: “How does a new baby brother affect my life?” Here is Chase’s first close encounter with baby River and how he appears to be feeling a little bit apprehensive:

But Chase took the time in the hospital room to hold baby River and to be close to him. Finally, he figured it out: “I quite like my brother!” Here’s one of those tender brotherhood moments later on during the hospital visit:

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers for baby River and for our family!

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    Praise the Lord that both Wendy and bb River are doing well :D

    what about you ah? are you doing ok :D

    well, we really want to see bb River… what about next week?  ;D

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