Ah Tim Sir’s Xanga 2.0

Why has this blog been silent for a few weeks?

For one thing, the birth of our second child brought whole new changes to our family life. It was joyful, but sometimes confusing and overwhelming now that our family relationships have multiplied. And the older one Chase is adjusting to the whole thing by clinging more to me. And then he got sick. And then I got sick. And then there’s more pressure at work, and also there are more time commitments I need to make to church matters. All in all, I was having a hard time adjusting to changes all around me.

I had considered either shutting down the blog or perhaps reducing my blogging frequency. But later on, I got an idea while reading a computer-related book. I decided to actually blog more frequently but with shorter blog entries.

After all, I visit other people’s blogs and sometimes get turned off when they write more than 5 long paragaphs of text and I find it hard to read through it. But I realize I do the same thing. So why should I complain?

So you’ll see this blog reborn as a 2.0. I’ll still write about worship, God, parenting, family, hot topics, and whatever else comes to mind. But the experience will be different. Stay tuned.

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