To Change Is… (2): To Love

A few weeks ago, our helper/nanny Grace and I and Chase were driving back from the Aquarium. It was a 1.5-hour car ride so we started talking about lots of things. I really appreciated that she was not shy about pointing out my flaws. She told me how I could be a better husband by trying to understand Wendy’s needs more, and to do the little tender things like giving her small gifts or simply rubbing her sore back. And she exhorted me to establish clearer behavioral limits for Chase.

At the end of the car ride, Grace said something very interesting. She said: “After all, when someone gets married, or if that person has children, even if he doesn’t want to change anything about his life, he must have changed at least a little bit to adjust to the new person in his life. Most people go through many changes. So why not dare to go even further and change even more so as to be more loving to his loved ones?”

I completely agree. To be willing to change your life for the sake of other people is to express love to other people. To change is to love.

Question/Reflection: What costly sacrifices do I need to make for the sake of the loved ones in my life?

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5 thoughts on “To Change Is… (2): To Love

  1. well… instead of sacrifices, i’d say adjustments with care and understanding ;) 
    of course…with “appreciation” is a big “plus” lah ^^

    there’s a time i heard a sister shared …
    one day her husband came home from work, the moment he got into the house, their oldest son (about 3-5 yr old) ran to him and tried to give him a kiss as a welcome home gesture. however, her husband said “wait! let me kiss mommy first.” then he made a special trip to her and gave her a kiss. after that, he returned to his son and accepted his son’s kiss/ kissed his son… (i don’t remember this part).  the main point is, the whole time of the sharing, i could see she felt love… from her eyes and smile…the tenderness, softness, and sweetness ^^  she really appreciated her husband’s appreciation :D

    it’s a very little / unnoticeable thing, but it really makes a difference to your love ;)

  2. hahaha… you can say that… big things…small things…still = things ;)
    don’t you rather do it right, than do it big but wrong (may be) :p
    i think the husband got the idea…
    when he did that, he must know that meant something to her… so…
    …he knew it’s not about him, it’s about her :D
    that’s why she appreciated the moment ^^

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