Media Monday: “Most” (The Bridge)

If “The Passion Of The Christ” was the most effective visual aid for us to understand Christ’s suffering on the cross, then the Academy Award nominated short film “Most” would be the film with the most effective visual aid for us to understand the costliness of Christ’s act of salvation.

“Most”, Czech word for “bridge”, is a unique “gospel film” because there’s nothing overtly Christian about it. But Mark 4:33 is explicitly printed on the cover of the DVD, which says: “And with many such parables He spoke the Word to them, as they were able to hear it.” That’s exactly what the film “Most” is: a parable.

It’s also the “mystery movie” I showed to my church on Friday night.

Someone did a summary of the movie and posted on GodTube. Please watch this:

The actual short film “Most” is just 33 minutes long. The impact of watching the actual film, even with repeated viewings, is much more intense and impactful than the GodTube video above, so I strongly encourage you to see it. While you won’t find “Most” in video stores, you can order it online for a small cost at, where you’ll also find a discussion guide for small groups.

Tim’s thought for the movie “Most”: “Love is a choice… and I now vividly understand the costliness of God’s choice to love us.”

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