Birth of Jesus Christ (2): Still Incarnational

I live near a popular shopping mall, and because of the heavy traffic, city officials put up a sign asking people to enter the mall through the back road. However, against the instructions, most every car wanted to get there fast for their Christmas shopping, so they turned into the main road, and they all headed straight into a huge traffic jam in the parking lot.

People in our world want things fast, ant things right now, want lots and lots of things, despite clear instructions otherwise.

Christ’s birth shows that God does things differently, but he still wants to reach across the divide to save us. When people of our world want to ascend to higher and higher positions, Christ came down lower and lower. When people want to distinguish themselves from outcasts and associate themselves with people of higher esteem, Christ reach us where we are incarnationally.

Christmas is the time every year when I marvel at how God loves us so much by being one of us. It seems that though I reflect on His incarnation every year, I never seem to get tired of it. He’s still incarnational in us today. Thank you God for your amazing salvation.


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