Another Conversation With Chase About God

Happy new year 2009! I took a break the last few days being a full-time dad. I just want to share a recent conversation I had with Chase about God:

Both (Singing hymn): “Rise and shine and give God the glory glory…”
Me: Chase, do you know you have to thank God when you rise in the morning? When you wake up, you should say, “God, You are good”.
Chase (pausing for a few seconds, then saying): Hmm… I want God to hug me.
Me: Really? I think God would have daddy hug you. How about let me hug you?
(Hugging, Snuggling)
Chase: Daddy, I want God to come to our house.
Me: God is here in this house already.
Chase (looking around): Huh? Where?

Christmas Conversation With Chase