Blessings Of Children (1): Blessings, Not Burdens

Originally I was going to write a series titled “The Challenge Of Two” about how our family life has been challenged by having a second child. I’ve thought about it for a long time. While I don’t deny that when we have more children, there are a lot of additional things we need to deal with, the more I think about it, the more I see that I haven’t been thinking with the correct attitude. After all, God’s second blessing in His work of creation was associated with the command for men to “be fruitful and multiply” (Gen 1:28), and children are God’s reward (Psalm 127:3).

Hong Kong, where I was born, has seen its birthrate drop to 0.9 children per woman, the lowest birthrate in the civilized world. One of the main factors cited is that people find raising children to be too expensive. A friend of mine living in Hong Kong already has a daughter, but one day his wife found that she’s pregnant again. With much crying, he called me on the phone and shared with me this “bad news.” Then a week later, he called me up in a happy mood because his wife had a miscarriage. To me, this is utter madness.

Many years ago another friend of mine found out that his wife was pregnant, and he kept asking everyone he knew how much money it’d take to raise a child. He tried to calculate the cost, such as diapers, childcare, clothes, education, etc. At that time I was not married, but when I finally have children, I finally realize that all those calculations were meaningless. The focus on the cost of raising a child is only going to focus you on providing children with “stuff.” There are many things more important than “stuff” in our lives. And in fact, when you put your mind on the things that really matter, you find that you won’t have time left to spend money, so you wouldn’t need to worry about money anyway.

What does it mean to see children as blessings and not burdens? I’d like to share my thoughts on this some more this week. Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow. . . I’m honestly shocked and saddened to hear that someone would celebrate because they had a miscarriage.  What have we come to?  Looking forward to more of your thoughts. . . .

    By the way, yay!  I’m able to comment now.

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