Blessings Of Children (2): Saint-makers

When people get together, they usually like to ask each other whether they’re busy. But lately I got a new twist on this. A lot of people these days ask me the question this way: “Tim, you have two kids now! Really busy, huh?” Why are people so obsessed about the “evils of being busy”?

The most important purpose in life is not to have lots of free time. The most important purpose in life is to glorify God. My children are a blessing to me because they help me achieve the goal of glorifying God better. How? Let me count some ways:

  • My children are like a mirror. If I’m disrespectful to them or to people, they reflect their disrespect back to me. If I sin, they reflect that sin back to me. They’re a constant reminder that besides the need to discipline them and to teach them to be good people, I also need to work on my sinfulness.
  • Raising children requires lots of patience and other character virtues, but even more than that, it requires grace. I have to constantly offer forgiveness, toward them and toward Wendy and toward myself. And I’m reminded how much more so God offers me grace and forgiveness every moment of every day.
  • We only taught Chase some simple prayers and Bible verses, but he really took them to heart. And seeing how Chase considers prayer as an essential part of his day, I’m reminded that Jesus said that “unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matt 18:3).
  • There are a lot of ways to discipline children, but I’m beginning to experience that upholding the truths in the Bible has more power than any disciplinary methodology that human minds can concoct. What God says is the authority in our home, because getting children to behave and obey should not be based on any of my preferences nor on my pride. As I’m starting to guide Chase according to the words of the Bible, the Bible starts to sink inside of my life more and more.
  • When I get frustrated, especially when I’ve been holding a whining Chase or a crying River for a long time, I start to think about their names, and why I gave them their names so that they could glorify God in their lives. And then I prayed their names back to God, and I prayed that, even as I was holding these little rebellious children, they’d some day grow up to glorify God. And then I realize I wasn’t just raising mere children — my job is really to raise adults who will love God.

So I really hope that some day, someone would come up to me and ask, “Tim, you have two kids now! Becoming more holy, huh?”

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  1. There is no deny there most people raise their children in order to form a successful figure. But, in a Christian family, we raise children in order to “form” them like Christ. Or as you said raise them to love God. ^^

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