Natural Cold Remedies (2): Vitamin C & Echinacea

Upon any onset of cold symptoms, many of my friends would try to drink some orange juice as if to get that magic Vitamin C to fight the cold. Well, it’s good, but you might also be drinking in a lot of sugar in the orange juice at the same time.

But do you also know that it’s actually less effective if you take in a lot of Vitamin C at once? The vitamin C is actually absorbed much better if you ingest small amounts of Vitamin Cs multiple times throughout the day. If you take in a lot of Vitamin C at once, you might only absorb less than 20% of it.

Orange is not the only fruit with Vitamin C. Kiwi is a pretty good one too. Guava is the richest in Vitamin C. And actually red pepper has a lot of Vitamin C. Personally, when I try to get Vitamin C, I usually take a supplement pill.

Speaking of supplements, I actually like Echinacea better than Vitamin C in some ways. Wendy and I first learned about Echinacea on our first mission trip to India with jnX, when Isabella introduced it to us. Echinacea is an immunity booster. During many subsequent mission trips to faraway places, we actually take Echinacea every day, and I believe Echinacea and prayers are the two main things that kept us healthy during most of our mission trips.

Echniacea is controversial because some medical practitioners believe that it doesn’t make you any better. However, there have been studies that taking both Echinacea and Vitamin C reduces the incidence of cold by 86%.

I like taking Echinacea supplements as pills whenever I start feeling like I might get sick, or if another person in the house starts having cold symptoms. I also like the herbal tea made with Echniacea and Elder (Elder is also known as Elderberry or Sambucus nigra) because it tastes really good.

3 thoughts on “Natural Cold Remedies (2): Vitamin C & Echinacea

  1. i got cold/flu very often when i was a teen.  but there was one time while i was having a serious cold for days, i was asked to help out for loading stuff which required very heavy lifting and pushing stuff around for about an hour.  guess what… minutes of the loading was done, i noticed right away…my cold was gone completely :o  and the most unbelievable thing was… since then, i seldom to get cold…only about once a yr “at most” ;p   therefore, i believe a good exercise can help :D

    also, pay attention to the people who are coughing around you… STOP breath in the air at once!!!…for about 3-4 seconds :o  specially when the cold person is coughing right at you when face to face, those air is liked a poison to your immune system ;)  i’ve been practicing this for years, so far…i think it works pretty well ;D

  2. hahaha…”cover your mouth when you cough” so that the germs don’t spread out!!!  was that what we were taught when we were kids, didn’t you get the same lecture ;D

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