I Voted, Differently

I wanted to write something a little bit “political,” and maybe it’s something I shouldn’t say it in public, but this is my blog and I do need to be honest about who I am. I think it would not a mistake to say that I’m definitely in a minority position because back in November 2008, as an evangelical Chinese Christian in America, I voted against my statistical norm, and though I did vote Yes on Prop 8 (like most in my statistical category), I also voted for Obama, and I also voted No on Prop 4.

The November 2008 election was an important one for me personally. I wanted to stop practicing the politics of oversimplification. I sought to understand how it is that no single political party is “closer to God.” I decided to look at candidates and issues in more aspects than one. I wanted to be seriously critical of both non-Christian and Christian voices telling me how to vote. I didn’t want to necessarily succumb to any “political expectations” nor “political baggage” based on who I identify with. It was a big struggle, and I think I’m still learning a lot and still a little bit confused, but I think I’m glad I’ve gain some fresh perspectives.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s ok… and if you have questions, do ask me!

BTW, I really enjoyed President Obama’s speech today!