Bring Your Bible To Work: Another Conversation With Chase

This conversation happened yesterday morning:

Me: What day is today?
Chase: Sunday!
Me: No, try again.
Chase: Tuesday!
Me: That’s right. What happens on Tuesday?
Chase: You’re going to work?
Me: Yes.
Chase: Why do you have to go work? Why do you have to go work?
Me: Because it’s Tuesday lor.
Chase: Hmm… remember to bring your phone… and bring your Bible wor!

Chase reminds me: Don’t leave my faith at home. Bring it to my workplace and to my world.

3 thoughts on “Bring Your Bible To Work: Another Conversation With Chase

  1. @routergenie – I’m only 25% into the book. He’s a little bit like Leonard Sweet, who’s a friend of McLaren. I like Leonard Sweet’s writing a lot but it’s an acquired taste. McLaren is more controversial than Sweet, but his writing style is much easier to read through, and McLaren is also very self-aware and also self-critical. I’ve known about this book for years and at first I avoided it because of some controversies I’ve heard about it, but after deciding to read it, I thought, why did I avoid it in the frist place? It’s really taught me a lot and leading me through an interesting journey.

    BTW, this year I’m going to be reading a lot more books about emergent church — if I have time. I’ll also be reading more on homeschooling.

  2. @ahtimsir – As you read more on the emergent church, I suggest that you also read up on books about the doctrine of the church (discussion on membership, church government, sacraments, power of the church, etc.). This is the weak spot today in Evangelicalism. I suggest Kuiper’s The Glorious Body of Christ that gives you a traditional view of the Church. An older treatment is James Bannerman’s Church of Christ.

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