iPhone Geekdom

There are so many iPhone geeks around me these days.

You know how when you’re talking with friends, just then someone made the mistake of asking, “I wonder what tomorrow’s weather is like?” and immediately every iPhone and iPod Touch user takes out his device and tap tap tap to see who got to the weather forecast first?

You know how when you’re with friends at a party and a couple of them just retreated to a corner and got immersed in reading some useless stuff on their iPhone or iPod Touch?

Okay, I’m one of the geeks too… but then the other day Chase figured out how to use my iPod Touch. The first time he really noticed me using the iPod Touch was in church when I reading the Bible on the device. Then he figured out how to swipe his finger across the thing, and he learned how to use the Photos app to see pictures of himself and his brother. Ever since, he’s always bugged me for the iPod Touch, saying, “Daddy, can I read your Bible?”

Last Friday it got worse. He even taught little Janice how to use my iPod Touch! They were just sitting there playing with that thing!

I’ve finaly had it… I decided to put a passcode on my iPod Touch. Now Chase can’t get in anymore. It’s all mine, mine, mine!

And so I continue to use it to check the weather and read lots of useless stuff… it’s a great device, BTW… I’m proud to be a geek!


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