Media Monday: Happy-Go-Lucky

Before you read any further, let me say that while I recommend the film “Happy-Go-Lucky”, it is a film for you ONLY if:

  • You like dark comedies
  • You don’t mind a movie with no plot
  • You are okay with a movie with no ending
  • You are okay with a movie with lots of improvised dialogue
  • You are able to see beneath the surface and think about the philosophical messages in a movie

So is anyone still reading?

Happy-Go-Lucky is a series of character studies about what it means to be happy. You’ll encounter a lot of characters who claim that they’re happy in life, but in fact they’re trapped in their own skin and not able to break out. The marketing talk makes it appear that Poppy, the main character, with a constant smile in almost every frame of the movie, is always the cheerful person. But by the end of the movie, if you pay close attention, you’ll realize Poppy has her problems too. She wants to make everyone happy, but is she doing this to seek a sense of identification and security? She says she doesn’t need to settle with a guy to be happy, but does she walk her talk? And why is she more comfortable with children than with adults?
Tim’s thought for the movie: “My Space! My Space!” and “Enraha! Enraha!” (…you gotta see the film to understand…)

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