Media Monday: Doubt

I just finished watching the film “Doubt”, set in 1964 in a Catholic school, and this film is amazing. It’s one of those films for which the less you know about it, the more surprised and more enjoyable you’d find it to be. An interesting thing with this film is that each person who watched “Doubt” could come away with a very different perspective from the other people. For example, after watching the film, some would say that Sister Aloysius is a really bad person, others might say she’s courageous, still others might see her as mistaken. Lots of interesting discussions about faith, doubt, morality, church, etc. can come out of this.

I prefer not to tell you anything concerning what this film is about, except that it’s about “doubt and certainty.” The acting, by Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams, is top-notch. The dialogue is intelligent and memorable. The plot is filled with suspense and subtle twists. The setting is authentic. The atmosphere is carefully and meaningfully orchestrated. Here’s a brief “tv spot” about the film:
Tim’s thought about the film “Doubt”: “Doubts make us uncomfortable, but that discomfort might be healthy sometimes.”

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