Missional Responsibilities (2): My Take On The “Missional” Buzzword

Almost 3 weeks ago I tried to start a new topic about “mission”, but busyness at work delayed it… but I’m back on it now…

I wrote that “mission” is not just something that professional missionaries do. Which brings us to the latest Christian buzzword — “missional” — which no one seems to know exactly what it means. However, I kinda like this word and that it’s become a popular thing, because at least it gets people to think that “mission” is not “one of the purposes of church ministry” (a la Rick Warren’s overly segmented view of church), but an attitude and way of living where you participate in God’s mission as a way of life.

What scares common laypeople about the “Great Commission” passages, I think, are the action words such as “go” and “teach”. But we are so caught up in what “to do.” Let me propose the following three things of what kind of person “to be” as some of the basic ingredients to being missional:

1. Be Compassionate
2. Be Apostolic
3. Be Incarnational

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of what being missional is. In fact, these happen to be just three things that came to my mind over the course of the last few weeks. In the next few days I’ll explain what each one means.

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Missional Responsibilities (2): My Take On The “Missional” Buzzword
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