Media Monday: Jon Kate Plus Eight

IMPORTANT UPDATE: A few days after posting this, I’ve decided to stop watching this show… click to read why.

I don’t fit the profile of someone who watches “chick flicks,” and I don’t watch chick flicks, but ever since I watched the first Jon & Kate Plus Eight episode, I’ve been hooked ever since.

Jon & Kate Plus Eight is a reality TV show of a couple with twins and sextuplets, and it happens tonight is the premiere of Season 5 (which I won’t be watching because I don’t have cable TV… but I’ll catch it soon). Their entire lives have pretty much been chronicled on TV for the past few years. The show is appealing because the kids are really cute, and some people watch it to see how some parents can take care of 8 kids. Other people watch the show because of how Jon & Kate typically bicker at each other (although they themselves call their style of communication “honesty”). Another interesting thing about Jon & Kate is that they happen to be Christians, and although that aspect of their lives is downplayed in the show, you can see scriptures posted around their house, and they’ve written a couple books.

Recently, Jon & Kate have come even more in the limelight because it looks like their marriage might be in trouble, and there are allegations that both of them has had affairs — and that will be a subject I will deal with in an upcoming series of blog posts about marriage.

In any case, if you’re not yet a fan of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, I’d like to introduce you to it. It’s hard to pick a video that show the cuteness of the kids, but here’s a good one:

This is a part of an episode where Jon & Kate talks about their bickering style of communication (link only, no video embedding):

This is a part of the Season 3 episode “Day In The Life” which shows how their lives were organized:

Hope you like it!

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