I Just Decided To Stop Watching JK+8

This has been quite a week. On Monday I wrote a blog post recommending people to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8, but today I’ve just decided to stop watching the show.

What happened is that I realized more and more that, when I was watching the show, it was like I was watching animals at a zoo. You know how at a zoo, you go up to where some animals are, and you go, “Wow, look the tiger just pranced out…… look the bear just lied down in front of us…… look the monkey just scratched his back……” Any of those actions would normally be a boring, ordinary everyday thing, but because we invested the time and money to go to the zoo to see the animals, we blew those ordinary things out of proportion. I have to ask myself whether this is healthy behavior.

But this is not just a point of consideration for the viewers, but the viewees. Reality TV used to be about game shows like Survivor. At least, for those shows, there’s a definite end game that you can look forward to, when you’re done with being in the limelight. But with a show like J&K+8, it seems like there’s no end in sight. Their lives are inseparable from a TV show. I watched Monday night’s Season 5 premiere on YouTube and noticed that the kids have become very withdrawn. And Jon and Kate’s lives have become unnatural, and whether they’re aware of it or not, they are living and breathing their lives for the sake of their TV audience. Reality is manipulated to be made more appealing.

I have to admit that, having edited documentary-style videos for my kids and for other people, that I have used techniques in my video editing to bend reality. I felt immense guilty pleasure and power in being able to put a clip before another when they really occurred in the reverse order in reality — I did time rearranging so that the “story” can be told in a more appealing way. Also, in my kids’ videos, the kids seem to smile a lot more and talk a lot more, because I cut out the boring stuff and just leave the highlights in the final video. After doing this for a while, I would even be able to justify myself to twist the reality with my “superior video editing skills” — and, yes, I even admit to have done some reality twisting on a couple of occasions in my videos.

Anyway, as of now, I’m no longer watching Jon & Kate plus Eight… I also need to repent of my video editing sins… and also I wish J&K the best and hopefully they’ll work out their marriage and family issues and put their trusts in God and not TV ratings…


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