Media Monday: Church of Scientology

Recently I saw this marketing video for the church of Scientology discussed in a blog entry on Anson’s theoryspace blog (BTW, it’s a great blog), and since I’m recently reading the book “Christless Christianity” by Michael Horton, which discusses similar topics, it just helps me see how people nowadays are obssessed with a religion of self. I think “Church of Scientology” might as well rename itself as “Church of You”. Watch the video and see how the self is worshipped.
Tim’s thought for the video: “My goal in life is not to become a ‘better me’ but a better signpost toward Christ.”

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3 thoughts on “Media Monday: Church of Scientology

  1. Hey thanks Tim for linking to my post.
    Yeah, you are exactly right in describing them as extremely self-absorbed.
    Have you watched video about their creed yet?

    I have never seen any religious creed that is so obsessed with one’s “inalienable rights”.

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