Hello WordPress, Goodbye Xanga

Hi everyone… this is my first new post on my wordpress blog. I’ve just switched from my old blog over at xanga and I’m starting to blog with wordpress, and I love it.

The reason I blog is I am fascinated by too many things that God put in my heart and my mind. Some of those are like intellectual puzzles. Others are things that break my heart. In any case, if I don’t get them out by writing them out, I would be consumed by enormous amounts of unprocessed thoughts. Worse is I am so bad at speaking and expressing myself verbally, so I have to have to have to write my thoughts out. I hope that in this process, my thoughts would somehow inspire you to develop my unfinished ideas and be of help to you or help you inspire others. As long as I can put some new ideas in people’s minds and they can make you a better person or help you in your walk of faith, it’ll put a smile on my face!

So stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Hello WordPress, Goodbye Xanga

  1. Hello Tim, welcome on board!
    So happy to see you on the WP bandwagon =)

    It initially took me some time to get used to the posting mechanism, but now I like it so much because of the draft function. I also have many thoughts like you that I want to write about, and these days whenever I have an idea, I would just quickly jot it down in WP and save it as a draft, and wait until I have more free time to expand it. It’s a great way to capture thoughts =)

    Happy blogging!

  2. For me, Xanga is a bit “old”, but I dont have an urge to change the interface. By the way, nice to see your new blog ^^

  3. @Anson: thanks for the tip! I especially like the ability to add “local drafts” in the WordPress app on my iPod Touch so I could jot down ideas any time.

    @Tracy: thanks!

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