“Remember, You Work For Me”

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men” (Col. 3:23)

This past week had been a stressful work week for me. I had to design a major software component, deal with multiple urgent customer issues, interview candidates, help out with QA, etc. I felt like I was stretched out like an octopus in eight different directions. And I was so stressed I made many mistakes and I had to spend extra time to fix those mistakes. At the same time, different people were demanding that my work had to be done as the top priority thing for each of them.

But throughout this week, one thing that my boss had said kept replaying in my mind. You see, whenever I sat down to tell my boss about my stress and how I had to deal with multiple top priorities to please different people, he would tell me, “Tim, remember that you work for me, not for them. You have to remember that.” I would reply him, “Thanks for reminding me… I do sometimes forget that.”

Somehow this sounds strangely biblical. When I feel stressed out at work, I think I need to hear God say to me, “Remember, Tim, you work for me, not for them.” And I would reply the Lord, saying, “Thanks for reminding me Lord, because sometimes it’s easy to forget that I don’t work for men, but I work for the Lord.”