Thoughts on our 3rd child

You cannot believe how eager I’ve been about this, and how hard it has been to contain my excitement these past 2 months, but now that Wendy is 3 months pregnant, I’m letting the world know that we’re expecting our third child in July 2010!

Actually we’ve only just told our oldest son Chase about this news a couple days ago, and he’s been brimming with excitement. He kept looking at the ultrasound picture and asking about when the baby will come out. Here’s a YouTube video of Chase grappling with the pregnancy and sharing with us his theories about babies and childbirth.

As for me, I would like to share my random thoughts about being an expectant father again and about this 3rd child:

1. When Wendy told me she’s pregnant, one of my first thoughts was: “God’s not done working on us yet.”

2. When we were pregnant with our 2nd child, no one asked us whether our 2nd pregnancy was “planned” or not, but this time around, many people ask us: “Is this planned?” If you know us, you’d know that we’re shooting for 4 children. But the real answer to that question is: “This child’s life is in God’s plans.” It matters less whether we “plan” this child or not. God’s sovereign will matters more.

3. If God didn’t cause Wendy’s parents to have 5 children (Wendy is the youngest of 5 siblings), I wouldn’t have been able to marry such a wonderful wife.

4. Many a married couple with 1 child, when they’re trying to conceive a 2nd child, would often say, “We want another child so he/she can play with the first child.” Personally, I never felt comfortable with that as a reason for having children. Now that I’m expecting a 3rd child, I know for sure that that logic could not applied to the 3rd child onwards.

5. I seriously have no financial concerns about having more children. Should I be more concerned?

6. I guess I’m more excited in being able to increase my “expenditures” on spiritual matters. More children means I’ll have to pray more, I’ll have to study with them more, and I’ll have more chances to guide them in the right way. And there’ll be more “mirrors” in the family (each child is a “mirror”) to reveal my true character so I can be a better dad and a better person. Like I said, God’s not done working on me yet!

I’m looking forward to sharing more about this pregnancy later, including revealing the gender of the child (in a couple of months) and what the child’s name and meaning will be.