Koinoniarama: An Introduction

Due to my involvement in small groups ministry, I’m starting to think about, read about, and reflect on many things related to Christian community and fellowship. So I’m introducing this new “feature” in my blog which I call “Koinoniarama”…

“Koinonia” is derived from a Greek word meaning “fellowship” and it occurs often in the New Testament (e.g. Acts 2:42, 1 John 1:6). It denotes the intense relationships between the Persons of the Trinity, between us and God, and between brothers and sisters. In the context of the church, we have koinonia if we are intensely devoted and united to one another in faith and in love.

“-rama” is a suffix meaning “view.” I made up this word “Koinoniarama” to mean that I want to write blog entries where we look at “Koinonia” and view it and study it from different angles.

So watch for future Kononiarama entries soon!