Letter to Snow

“Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” (Psalm 51:7)

We had previously published this letter to Snow in our 2010 annual newsletter, but it didn’t make it to this blog. So here it is, that you will know why we named our daughter “Snow”:

To our dear daughter Snow:

It is with great joy that we are welcoming you, our dear daughter, into our growing family. Even before you were born, you were already a treasure and a delight, to us and also to your big brothers, as we looked forward to meeting you because we knew that you are a gift from God. And we’d like to let you know why you’re given the name Snow and why it’s a “cool” name (pun intended!).

If we have to give a one-word answer, the name “Snow” means “purity.” If we have to elaborate it just a bit more, the meaning of “Snow” could be stated as “purity that comes from God.” In our messed-up world today, it is easy to be led astray by the bad influences and the temptations and the pressures of the world. Titus 1:15 says that purity is what keeps us from being defiled. By its nature, “snow” is so white, so clean, and so pure-looking. If some dirt is mixed into it, you can easily notice that it is not pure anymore. Your name Snow reminds you that you are meant to be pure. When you’re about do something that you don’t feel comfortable doing, you can ask yourself: Am I becoming who I’m not meant to be? Am I maintaining my purity and “snow-ness”?

In other words, your name Snow is a reminder of who you are. It is not what you do that defines you, but who you are in Christ. No human being can be 100% pure; otherwise we are no longer human. Also, we do not earn God’s acceptance nor His salvation by how pure we are. So, being 100% pure is neither humanly possible nor something we need to do for God. We can only be pure if the purity comes from God. In Psalm 51, King David asked God for forgiveness and for purification; and verse 7 says that it is God who makes us pure, even purer and whiter than snow! So we do not conjure up purity for ourselves, but we are to keep and maintain God’s purity out of our relationship to God as our Father and we as His children (1 John 3:2-3).

Ultimately, you should know that being a “snow” means that your true essence and true identity is in God alone. Instead of living an undisciplined and freewheeling life, you should be guided by the maintenance of God’s purity in you, as you are motivated by your relationship with God and your hope in Christ. We have the honor to be your earthly parents for a little while, but we hope that you will also grow up to be God’s dear child forever.

We hope you love the gift of your name.


Your mom & dad

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