“Can I Hug You More, Daddy?”

On Saturday morning, like any other morning, I had to get up early to dress my two oldest sons, feed them milk and breakfast, and play with them so my wife can sleep in a little longer. But this past Saturday was a little different.

The day before, my 4.5-year-old son Chase had heard that I would be helping a friend move from one apartment to another on Saturday night. Chase is an unusually emotional and affectionate kid. So when I went into his room on Saturday morning, he came over and wrapped his arms over me tightly.

Chase: “Daddy, daddy!”
Me: “What’s up, Chase?”
Chase: “Daddy, I know you need to help someone move tonight. I’m going to miss you, daddy. So today I will hug you more.”

This brought a big smile to my face as he continued to wrap his arms around me. We sat there hugging each other for what seemed like 10 to 15 minutes. During that time, I kept thinking, “I’m glad it’s Saturday. I’m glad its’ Saturday.” If it’s not a Saturday but one of those hectic weekdays, I would have asked Chase to let go so I could dress him quickly and rushed the kids through breakfast so I could have some time for a morning shower and go to work on time. But I thanked God it was a Saturday so I wouldn’t have been so careless and asked him to let go and I would have hurt his feelings. I was glad it was a Saturday because I also needed to be still and let him show his affection and to hug me.

Sometimes, we also need to just walk up to God and say to our Abba Father: “Today I just realized that you’re such a great Father, and I cannot live without You in my life. I want to hug you some more today. Can I hug you more today?” And we just got to take time to please God.