Happy Pants

I sponsor two youngsters through Compassion International, offering a bit of financial support in their state of poverty, and giving them encouragement whenever I can. Once in a while, a letter from these youngsters would touch your heart and remind you what’s important in life.

One such youngster’s named is Deep (whose touching story, BTW, was once featured on a Compassion International blog post). He is a university student in India. This is an excerpt from a letter he wrote in February:

I got a sum of rupees as Christmas gift. I have always used the Christmas gift for myself but this time I have planned it to give it to my family. I want to buy one full pant for my father. Because my father has only one full pant and he has worn it again and again when I was see it I fell very sad, and I thought that in this Christmas I will give one full pant to my father and he will be very happy.

This is the kind of message that puts our culture and lifestyle to shame. I look in my own closet and I see so much more clothes than I need. On any given morning, I can choose between 30-40 nice looking shirts, 5-6 good pants, and 2 pairs of shoes to wear for the day. And we keep buying more. We keep acquiring more material things. We are already living in our big houses, each person already driving a nice car, and we spend so much of our money on luxury and on entertainment, and we like critiquing the quality of food between different restaurants.

Oh, to be happy with very little, and to find satisfaction outside of materialism ……