Two Stories About Chase & The Gospel

'Gospel Graffiti I' photo (c) 2011, Peat Bakke - license:

In our family, we are determined to help our children experience a first-hand, heartfelt relationship with Christ. We try to talk about Jesus and his life even in casual conversations, like he’s a friend who’s involved in our lives. Under this context, I want to share two recent stories about Chase, our 5.5-year-old, and his relationship with the Gospel.

Story #1

We had been explaining to Chase that our dog Choco is very old and her physical health is not as good these days, and perhaps one day Choco might die. So this morning, Chase suddenly asked me: “What happens when those bad people come and beat up Choco? Will she feel a lot of pain?” I was scratching my head — why would Chase think that someone would actually come and beat up Choco? So I kept asking and reasoning with Chase, but he kept saying someone would come and beat up Choco and Choco would die. And then I figured out what Chase’s logic was: the only time that Chase heard about someone dying was Jesus dying on the cross. We told Chase and showed Chase how Jesus got beaten up and bled and died. So naturally, when I told him that Choco would die, the only way he thought that our dog could die is when some bad people would come and beat up Choco!

Story #2

Recently we bought a used children Bible story book for the kids. It’s a pretty thick Bible with lots of pictures. When I brought it home, Chase immediately took it and started flipping through the Bible story book. At first I thought he was just looking at the well-painted pictures, but soon I noticed by his facial expression that he was looking for something in the book. So I asked Chase what he was looking for. It turns out he was trying to find the part in the Bible illustrating Jesus’s death on the cross. Basically he was trying to evaluate whether this is a good Bible story book or not by (a) whether it talks about Jesus dying on the cross; (b) how well it talks about it. And nothing else matters. I learned something that day, from my boy who’s single-mindedly pursuing a cross-centered faith.

“For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” (1 Corinthians 2:2)