My Favorite Movies From 2011

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For some reason I’ve been very happy about quite a few of the movies made in 2011. So I want to share with you those favorite movies of mine from 2011. Keep in mind that my taste in movies tend toward the dramatic ones instead of the action/comedy ones, and I prefer sad/depressing/ambiguous movies rather than movies with happy, well-defined resolutions. Anyway, here are my favorites from 2011 (ranked in order of preference, with most favorite first):

The Descendants
It’s a movie about how to love your family. But it’s not just the lovey-dovey kind. It doesn’t over-simplify love. In fact, most of the people in the movie do not seem very loveable. But by the end of the movie, you love them so much because you learn that love is complicated. Love is not love if you do not accept the joy as well as the pain of love. Great movie if you appreciate dark humor and you don’t mind some occasional crude humor. And I hope Robert Forester gets an Oscar from this.

Margin Call
Great movie about how the recent financial crisis happened. An interesting examination of how people might come to deciding to magnify those risky investments. It shows some of the blindspots of people who deal only with profits and numbers. One of my favorite scenes of the movie was the character Eric Dale rattling off numbers and statistics about how many miles of driving he helped people save, and after talking for a few minutes, the guy next to him pointed out that perhaps people might actually want to enjoy the driving. It was a great scene because it shows how people can be blinded by numbers and they forget why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Another Earth
Do not go into this one thinking it’s just a Sci-Fi movie. And it’s also not really a romantic movie either. It’s basically a psychological movie about how we deal with the big mistakes in our lives. How do we move on? Say sorry? Pretend it never happened? Try to pay back? Or seek forgiveness from yourself? All these are played out, and much more. And to think that there can be an “Other” out there who will help you is helpful. And if the ending shocks and confuses you, read this to find out more.

Super 8
How can anyone forget about Elle Fanning’s scene at the train station? But it’s much more than that. It’s basically three different fun movies at once: a coming-of-age movie, a friendship movie, and a monster movie. And all three aspects were done excellently.

The Help
It’s great to see the civil rights movement from a rare source: the “help”! And in “helping” they actually raised a generation of people sympathetic to their cause. The story is a little bit over-the-top but it’s a fun ride, and the characters are so endearing.

That’s all so far. But there are other 2011 movies that I haven’t had a chance to see yet, but I have a feeling that they would all make this list, and hopefully I’ll get to watch them soon:

  • Being Elmo
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (US Version)
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin

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    1. Ah, I forgot “Hugo” ……

      Regarding the “The Tree Of Life”… there was much ballyhoo and hype about it, and I read so much about it before I actually saw the movie, that it perhaps ruined the experience for me. It’s very interesting still, but it’s not going to make my list for 2011, unfortunately.

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