Coming soon … our fourth child !!!

We have been preparing to make a big announcement today, and today is finally here. Yes, we are expecting our fourth child in November 2012!

For some of you, this would explain why Wendy and the kids originally planned to stay in Hong Kong for 5 weeks back in March, but then suddenly decided to come back to US much earlier. We actually found out about the pregnancy while we were in Hong Kong, after we took a ship to Macau. The timing definitely took us by surprise; and yet, we have to offer thanks to God for the timing, because if we were to find out a week prior, we would not have decided to bring the kids to visit family and friends in Hong Kong. Instead, we did it the “hard and scary way.” It so happened that when we flew to Hong Kong, I was still recovering from an arm injury. Since my in-laws flew with us, we had a total of 9 big check-in luggages plus a bunch of carry-ons. Because of my injured arm, Wendy — not knowing about her pregnancy at that time — helped haul almost all the heavy luggages up and down the airport express bus upon our arrival to Hong Kong in the rain. She got so exhausted and nauseated during the bus ride that she had to squat on the street for a long while before we could move on. At the time, I felt so bad that I couldn’t help her much because of my arm, but then when we found out a week later that she’s pregnant, we were afraid that the heavy lifting would have hurt the baby. Thankfully, God kept the baby safe, and today the baby is at 12 weeks and continuing to grow.

Due to the circumstances of our trip to Hong Kong when we found out about this pregnancy, we experienced a wide range of mixed emotions. But for me, how I feel is mostly captured by the word “wonder” — i.e. a sense of awe, marvel, amazement, curiosity, and anticipation. As our OB/GYN (who we saw for all our pregnancies) said, “Even though I’ve delivered tens of thousands of babies, I’m still amazed every time I saw a baby come out of a mother’s body.” So even though we’ve “been there and done that” three times already, I’m still filled with a sense of wonder and excitement and I can’t wait to greet this child and pour love on him/her.

There’s a lot more that I want to share, but I will write some more later this week in a follow-up post entitled “Everything you want to know about Wendy and Tim’s fourth pregnancy but were afraid to ask.” So stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Coming soon … our fourth child !!!

  1. Tim, so happy to hear of your new baby. What a blessing. I hear ya. ..even though you already have three, it is still amazing to experience the miracle of birth. I feel like a first time parent every time we welcome a new baby. It’s simply amazing. Congrats.

  2. You and Wendy are great. The outcome is 4 kids and many more coming… I am so excited for you.

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