My 501st Blog Post!

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According to my WordPress dashboard, this is my 501st blog post! However, considering that I started blogging in May 2005 (back then this was known as “web blog”), 500 blog posts is nothing to boast about. The first few years I wrote 400+ blog posts, but those were before the days of Twitter’s and Facebook’s popularity. Many of those so-called blog posts could’ve been simple tweets or FB statuses. And I’ve thought about stopping a few times. But I’ve now re-committed to blogging, and I will actually plan to write more in 2013.

Why I’m Still Blogging

One of the main reasons I’m still blogging is that writing is the best mode of communication for me.

Last year I visited a friend whom I haven’t seen in a long time. She used to follow my blog closely during my early blogging days. When she saw me, she said, “Tim, I’ve missed reading your blog — I learned so much from it.” That night we talked over dinner, and I planned to encourage her in the faith. After an hour or so, it was time to say goodbye. To my surprise, her parting words to me were: “Hey, Tim, no offense, but I think I prefer reading your blog then talking with you in person.”

Ugghhh… it hurt a little bit, but then her words were true. I know who I am. I’m definitely much better at expressing myself in writing then in person. Okay, not just “better” but “way better.” A few weeks ago I tried to invite my neighbor to Christmas church services and I fumbled over my words so badly that my neighbor turned visibly annoyed. Anyone who’s talked to me in person knows that my words come out at a slow pace.

But on paper I feel free. Writing offers me the chance to spew out words in whatever pace I want, regardless of how much thinking and re-editing went on beforehand. In fact, before the dawning of blogging platforms, I used to write prose and then periodically email my friends to “coerce” them to read my writings …… :-)

Why I Had Considered Stopping Blogging

So if writing is so natural and enjoyable for me, why did I ever consider stopping blogging (a few times)?

It’s too easy to say something and make it sound grand and ideal in a blog, but a true disciple doesn’t just talk about faith on paper, but he/she will live out his/her heartfelt faith in daily life. Sometimes I got to the point of writing so much stuff and I ask myself, “Can I walk the walk instead of just talk the talk?”

Moreover, I felt a sense of meaninglessness from what I’m writing. I don’t blog often, and I’m not an even a good writer. I just have some occasional ideas and I write them. I feel fortunate that some people respond to it, but most of the time I feel like talking to myself. Worse, sometimes what I wrote showed my sinful pride; on more than at least three occasions that I can remember, I’ve seriously offended someone by what I’ve written.

I recently learned of this Leo Tolstoy quote. I think I also felt something similar to what Tolstoy was feeling:

Is there any meaning in life that my inevitable death does not destroy? Today or tomorrow death will come to those I love, and then to me. Soon not only will I not exist, but eventually no one will exist who will remember anything I have written or done. Why then go on with the effort? What is it all for? What does it all lead to? What difference does it make whether or not I do this thing or that thing or nothing at all?

— Leo Tolstoy, A Confession

Why I Am Going To Blog More In 2013

Recently I studied the topic of Sabbath in greater depths, and I experimented with practices of observing Sabbath. During those times, I found myself doing less and communicating with God more as well as reading more. Naturally, I needed to find an outlet for all that, so I started blogging a little bit more than before. And every time I found myself doing my writings on Sundays. I call it my “Sabbath blogging” practice. It was at once refreshing and relaxing and releasing for me. It rekindled my love for blogging.

And I can’t forget that it was through my blogging that I got to be acquainted with a few Christian friends in Canada and other places. I also have to give credit to a couple of people who encouraged my blogging, and they are two people whom I respect a lot: Dickson who have over the years held discussions with me about what I blog about, and pastor Ryan who have (surprisingly, to me) mentioned my blog a few times in passing.

There’s one more important reason. I know that the year 2013 is going to be a special year for me and my family, and for our journey of faith in Christ. “Breakthrough is coming” is the byline of my profile, and I believe this is the year that the byline will indeed come true, big time. So I invite you all to follow my blog more closely in 2013!

How I Will Be Blogging In 2013

It’s going to be very simple.

Usually there will be two blog posts per week in 2013. One of them will be a “regular feature” on every Tuesday. Right now the feature is “Faith Quote Tuesdays”, which is a weekly quote that I’ve recently found from my readings, and that I hope would help/inspire me and my friends to live more gospel-centered and Christ-centered lives.

In between the regular features, there will be an additional blog post. The topic could be about anything, including worship, discipleship, spirituality, parenting, culture, etc. And I would be happy to hear your feedback on it. I need to learn from other people as well!

That’s it and and I appreciate so much if you’ve read this far. I wish you a blessed 2013!